the who and why



First and foremost, thank you for stopping by my blog. I know how precious time is, and even you just took a minute to glance through, I appreciate it more than I can express.

I started this blog partly upon the realization that the words I attached to my photos on social media didn’t match. I was preaching one thing, but portraying another. Telling the world to “be themselves” while posting an edited image, the lone soldier to make it to the big-time, among a pile of discards deemed “not enough”.

This blog is a juxtaposition of the shiny, glossy photos you see on social media, and my truthfully timid, scared-shit-less truth.

You may look at my pictures, scroll through my Instagram and assume I have it all together. I do the same, of any profile I happen upon. Some of my common thoughts;

“Aw her and her boyfriend are so cute together!”, “Her stomach is so flat!” and “How come I don’t look like that in real life?”

I often forget that these are just snapshots of the best portions of someone’s life, the highlight reel.

I am guilty of posting “the best parts” only, for fear of exposing the truth: I am 27, and clueless as fuck. My truth so far today? It is not even 11 am as I write this and I’ve already spilled coffee down my front and just looked in the mirror to find that while I succeeded putting lip-liner on this morning, I didn’t quite get to lipstick part. #cutelook #90svibe

But, I am doing my best, stumbling  blindly (actually blindly, my prescription is -6.5) through the convoluted curves of life.

I strut around feeling like Ashley Graham one day, and the next I feel like a troll. I believe I’m a borderline genius on Monday and then Tuesday I am texting my boss “wear do you want to meat?”. I crush some goals like a savage and quit others without the recognition that Ive even given up,

I am an average human. I am messy, I am bratty, I am slightly controlling and often annoying. But I am also kind, compassionate and constantly evolving.  I have wonderful qualities, but just as many questionable ones. And all of that is okay with me. I believe as long as we are trying every day (or most days anyways 🙂 ) to get a little better, grow a little more, then we’re doing alright.

My pictures may be my highlight reel, but my thoughts are my truth, and trust me, my truth is less than glamorous, So, if you feel me, keep checking in. I promise my words will always be bare, my sentences pure. I hope I can provide comfort in my belief that we really are all on the same journey, just travelling different paths.