Local Spotlight: Baefull Brows

Local Spotlight: Baefull Brows



My “before” brows.

Immediately after the second appointment.

A few days post-second appointment.

Brow Technician: Arezoo Owende of Baefull Brows (@baefullbrows on Instagram)

Cost: $250 for initial appointment and touch-up after one month (scroll down for more pricing details). 

Pain: Moderate

Duration of appointment: 2 hours

Location: Sage Hill, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Overall summary of experience:

First, let me give you the backstory: I have always had painfully thin brows, due to the unfortunate eradication of them during the summer of 8th grade (stripper-thin brows were very in at the time). While I was very “on trend” during those formulative junior high years, by the time I entered adulthood, thin brows were relegated to the same realm as lower back tattoos and frosty lipstick. I however, seemed to be stuck with my pencil-thin eyebrows, which stubbornly refused to grow.

I’ve tried most things – waxing, threading, letting them “grow out”… but was met with no cooperation from my steadfastly skinny brows. For the passed 10 years, I’ve dutifully penciled them in  every single day, and made peace with the fact that I look a little scary right out of the shower.

When I heard about microblading a few years ago, I was immediately intrigued. This was literally the answer to all my dreams! And when I found out that my longtime friend (who happens to have the bomb-est brows of all time) was travelling to B.C. to take the PhiBrows microblading course, I was elated.

Microblading is “is a form of semi-Permanent Makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.” So yes, it is kind of a tattoo, although it is certainly not permanent.

I happened to be Arezoo’s (the owner of Baefull Brows) very first client, following her training. While most people might have been apprehensive at the idea of someone tattooing their face for the first time ever, I had zero concerns.

If you know Arezoo, you know she is a detail-oriented perfectionist, who happens to have a passion for (good) eyebrows. If anyone was going to grant me my wish of dream eyebrows, it was her, and I had all the faith in the world.

My first appointment was great, although it hurt a bit more than I expected. Arezoo took her time measuring my brows (explaining that every face is different, and thus, every brow shape will be different) to ensure the shape and arch was optimized for my face shape and bone structure. The result right after was shocking – they looked like my dream brows already! – but they do fade quite a bit, which is why it is imperative to take care of them post-appointment, and make sure you complete your touch up.

Knowing that I had been uncomfortable in my first appointment, Arezoo went above and beyond and ordered numbing cream for my second appointment, which I was so appreciative of. The second time around perfected my brows and I was thrilled with the result. I havent had to pencil them in since the second appointment, although I expect them to fade a bit in the coming weeks.

I am going for a third appointment next month and will likely do a fourth a few months after that. Because I had so little to work with my brows will take longer/ more appointment to build in order to achieve the aesthetic I am hoping for. I am currently 3 weeks post-touch up and my brows look awesome. I seriously can’t wait to go for round 3 next month.

One last thing? The $250 price tag that Arezoo is currently charging is well below the typical price for microblading, which normally runs between $450 – $650 for the initial appointment and touch-up. I can promise you that the quality of her work is beyond anything you could ask for. She will not let you leave until your brows are, in her perfectionist mind, “on fleek”.

Contact her via Instagram to book: @baefullbrows and scroll down for more detailed pricing. 

And feel free to contact me for any other questions your might have! morganbellllle@gmail.com 


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