are you there spring? It’s me, Morgan.

If the Judy Blum reference in the title of this post flew over your head, you probably think it’s a silly title. But if you DO get it, then you were probably a little bespectacled bookworm like myself growing up and I like you.. 🙂

For real though, who else looked up at the YYC sky on Saturday night, as the snow came down once again, asking Mother Nature (or God, whoever you’re in good with) WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F.

However, Easter Sunday was lovely, we were treated to a taste of sun and spring, and cute, summer-y outfits were able to make a guest appearance.

Girly, feminine skirts, dresses, rompers are my favourite, so be ready for an onslaught of those in the next few months. This particular look you can re-create for under $100 (minus the bag)… I even did the legwork for you! Click the links below for similar styles, at more affordable prices.

Black crop top: Mine is from Aritzia, but I found a similar one on one of my favourite websites, on sale for only $18! CLICK HERE.

Sunglasses: Mine are old AF Chanel (scratched up but I am still hanging on for dear life) but whenever I do manage to let go, Im glad I can get new ones from Forever 21 for only $9. CLICK HERE

Grid-print midi- skirt: I built this outfit around this skirt, after I found it at Forever 21 for only $25. CLICK HERE

Embroidered choker: Double up on trends with this bad-boy, from Forever 21 and only $9.  CLICK HERE.

Block heeled-cage sandals: I am currently loading up online shopping carts around the Internet with my summer shoe picks, and slowly widdling it down before I make my first sandal purchases of the season. One of my favourite stops for trendy, inexpensive options? The quality varies, but the prices are hard to beat.  CLICK HERE

Bag: My bag is by Sage Aubrey, a fabulous American designer. To be honest, I couldn’t find a similar style, so CLICK HERE if you want to check it out. As far as bags go, it is on par with price-points similar to Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, retailing for $675.


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