The end of.

The end of.

Having a floor lie with my favourite part of 2016 (Del) seems like an appropriate way to culminate a colourful year. It is apparent when you surf the media that 2016 didn’t do very well in the polls. The year seemed to alternately crawl and zoom by, peppered with lessons and signs pointing me in a direction crowded with weeds of uncertainty. It is so easy to focus on either the positive or the negative,  but I think meaning can be found in both, thus my hits and misses of 2016:


Delly. Self-aware of the fact that I love myself first, this year I found out how easily I can fall in love with something that can provide me with nothing but cuddles, butt wiggles and wet, stinky kisses. Getting my dog on what can only be a describes as the whimsiest of whims, I fell harder than I have in years.

Starting a career. Working for a marketing agency as my first post-secondary job, I have been exposed to so many different positions. Being led by a boss who acts as though I’m completely experienced and seasoned in the professional world has made for an interesting year, to say the least. I am, once again, reminded on the daily that I house something impressive in between my ears, and that I have talents to offer besides what is initially focused on.

Buying my condo. Again, on the whimsiest of whims. Painting, renovating, decorating, making this place as disgustingly girly as I see fit has been a huge focus of 2016.


Compromising on standards. Since my dad moved away, his physical presence has been missed so much it aches some days. Not seeing him every day makes feel like I have holes in my body, and I seem to be constantly trying to fill them with slippery quicksand. The result this year? Negotiating on things that were previously non-negotiable, simply to keep the holes full. This year, I promise I will get comfortable with being hole-y.

Continuing my relentless obsession with work. This has been a common theme in my life since university and one I will continue to try and get a hold of. I would love to begin to appreciate the beauty in just being still and silent.

Living exclusively inside my comfort zone. I am a pathetic sucker for routine and order. In 2017 I am tepidly anticipating pushing myself into unknown territories, where I have heard the best things grow.


This year was sprinkled with so many bursts of pure feeling. I am unabashedly  proud of the woman I am becoming and so ready to continue working on bettering myself. How will you make this year your best year ever?




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