Online Site Review:

Online Site Review:

Guyyyys I know it has been a minute and I am so sorry! Work has been crazy, I’ve been on vacation a few times, my family was in town… you know, life. Finally though, I am ready to start being your online shopping guinea pig once again. I made a huge Fashion Nova order a couple weeks ago and would say I was 60% satisfied with what I received. The items I liked, I LOVED, and the ones I didn’t were so brutal – poor quality, shapeless, not as pictured. Scroll down to read my full review on Fashion Nova, as well as the links to all the items from this look!


Items to shop for: Going out, partying, girls night clothes.

Price point: Affordable. Prices are in US dollars.

Tip: Always search for discount codes or put your items in your cart and then leave… Fashion Nova will email you a discount percentage or dollar amount as an incentive to go back. Additionally, they often have site-wide flash sale, so make sure to wait for one of these before you buy.

What I love: The jeans I purchased were actually a perfect fit, once I squished myself in them – they were almost impossible to get on though, and it was kind of demoralizing heaving and yanking them to get them on. The material of the bodysuits were actually a really nice blend and are currently my fave bodysuits in the rotation. I also really liked the variety on the site – when I am looking for a specific piece, I will be sure to start checking Fashion Nova.

On the fashion fence: The marketing is kind of warped. I didn’t realize it at first somehow, but all the models on the website are extremely curvy, to an almost disproportionate standard  (haters will say it’s Photoshop lolol). So a few of the items I purchased that I thought would look bomb AF actually made me look like a potato, when compared to what the website models looked like. Which, if anything, reminds me that there is still something to be said about trying things on in a real brick and mortar store. The quality is questionable. Some pieces I really liked, but some of the dresses were so thin, they were almost transparent. My suggestion? Before you buy, check the material blends, and try and stay away from polyester blends, and stick to cotton and rayon. Also, read each items review – there is often enough info there to gauge whether a piece is worth it or not.

Is it a yes, or a no, from me dawg?: If you are purchasing a one-time wear – I say go for it. They have a tonne of unique, fun options that will set you apart. Just don’t expect that it’s going to win in too many wars with the laundry machine!

Outfit Breakdown

White bodysuit: Fashion Nova, $19.99

Faux denim joggers: Fashion Nova, $27.99

Snakeskin shoes: Steve Madden, $99.99

Rose gold hoops: Fashion Nova, $9.99

Rose gold chain choker mix: Fashion Nova, $9.99

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