How To Wear Velvet

How To Wear Velvet

A few weeks ago I posted about velvet being one one my favourite current trends in fashion – hardly a mind-altering revelation, but I did have a few people reach out and say they didnt know exactly how to style it, so I thought I’d lend a helping hand and give some tips and tricks! It is worth mentioning that I am well-aware that velvet can be a little tricky to wear sometimes, so make sure to scroll down to the very bottom to see my list of “Velvet Do Nots”!

How To Wear Velvet 

  1. For A Boho-Chic Vibe: Simply find a printed dress, like this one from, for only $32! All I did was add a hat, a cute patent purse and some booties and I was set.


2.  Glam Up Your Street-Style with a Velvet Bomber – I am lusting after this one, from Zara. Fringe AND velvet? HELLO. So easy to spice up a pair of black jeans (or leggings, who am I kidding) and a black t-shirt. You knowwww I am all about effortless, mindless outfits. 

3. Just Dip a Toe in the Trend with Velvet Sneakers – Listen, even those who hate flats (AKA: me), have to bite the bullet and just wear them sometimes (like when dog-walking, haha). What calms my extra self? When my sneaks are able to be a little extra themselves. I recently invested in some sequined-covered slides and these babies, on sale for $70.

4. Wear It To Work – Velvet Blazer – Ok, so first of all, this COLOUR, you guys. I am planning on copying this entire look, and I dont need your judgement in doing so. You can pair a velvet blazer with a casual t-shirt and have it be office appropriate. Unflattering, shapeless dress pants need not apply to our work wardrobes!

5. And If You Want To Get Real Cray? High-waisted Velvet Trousers – These ones from Nasty Gal are only $42, which doesnt break the bank. However, I’m going to put out a PSA: Fit is VITAL with this style. I had to tailor mine, because they looked sloppy. The perfect fit look chic, professional and still trendy AF. Throw them on with a bodysuit and some heels and you got yourself a look that can easily transition from day to night, mama!


Velvet Do Nots

  1.  A velvet t-shirt is just tough to pull off. Perhaps it’s my body type – I sport a curve or two – but the way the thick material hangs is not the most flattering.
  2. Similar to the velvet t-shirt, velvet leggings add bulk when you just don’t need the bulk (or maybe you do but I certainly don’t). If you are commited to your leggings and still want to rock a velvet piece, try a floral, drape-y blouse with plain cotton leggings.
  3. Steer clear of velvet items that are covered in embellishments. The fabric is already so luxe, overdoing the extras is just too…. extra. Bet you never thought you’d here me say that!


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