7 Current Fashion Obsessions

7 Current Fashion Obsessions

DISCLAIMER:  I truly don’t even know if the following is “on trend” right now… I mean, I’m sure some of it is, but some of it could be totally outdated and all like, “uncool” but IDGAF. Like my personality, my personal style is extreme, at best, and completely out-of-touch and ridiculous at worst. BUT, I really believe that anyone can”pull off” anything… you just have to put it on, lift your chin up and rock it. Who is going to tell you otherwise? Get it, girl! Scroll down to see my current style obsessions….

My 7 Current Obsessions

  1. Pearl details; Actually, any embellishments, I am all over. I typically do NOT wear jeans… but throw some pearls on a pair of distress boyfriend jeans, smack my ass and Ill do just about anything. The ones from this look are only $25 and fit like a f****** glove.
  2. Camo; UGH IS THIS EVEN COOL ANYMORE? I don’t even know. Who cares though, when you can get this super-comfy-but-still-cute-AF t-shirt dress at 50% off. SO GOOD.
  3. Sweatsuits as regular lounge wear; Who else is a sucker for a two piece set? I don’t know why I foam at the mouth over anything that matches, but alas, I will give in to it. Maroon velour sweat suit? Check. Distressed grey set? Check. Camo print set? I’ve pretty much worn a hole it’s ass. I literally own this entire section on Shein.com. Check them out! #CazhAndCutie
  4. Velvet/Velour; K guys, who remembers when Aritzia tried to make velvet happen like 4 years ago and it just wasn’t catching on yet and so it went on major super sale at the end of the fall/winter season? ANYWAYS lets just all have a moment of silence for how ahead of its time good ol’ Aritzia was in that moment. Other than that they haven’t changed much in terms of their stock in the last 4 years BUT THEY DID HAVE THAT. #Shade. Anyways, velvet is evvvverrrryyyyywhere right now, and I can’t say I hate it. It has such a luxe appeal, you can pair it with anything to add an instant glam factor. Also, I cant get enough velour… I have this dusty pink velour sweatshirt that I wore over Christmas and when my little brother saw it he was like “When did you become an movie version of a Lebanese drug dealer?” But it was actually fab.
  5. VINYL; I’ve always had this inner ghetto-fab-hoe inside of me, which is likely the reason for my affinity for vinyl. I recently bought this vinyl, nude dress that I honestly probably will never even wear because where on earth does a professional, pushing-thirty woman respectfully don a vinyl dress? However, I was so in love with it that I recently purchased these little babies for just $55 from Missguided. So I can let out my inner street-walker out in a classy, chic way. Perfect.
  6. Fringe; Currently stocking up on this and will be unleashing my haul when I visit Coachella in April. STAY TUNED.
  7. 90s grunge; Graphic band t-shirt? Yes. Fishnets? Duh. Acid wash, distressed denim, chunky black combat boots and black lipstick? HIT ME. Thanks, Missguided, for having an entire catagory on this to save me some time. #Bless

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