Local Artist Spotlight: Dusty Canvas

Local Artist Spotlight: Dusty Canvas

Art has always been something I have marveled at. Having such complete control of the brush that one is able to transfer images that live in the mind, on to a blank canvas, seems miraculous. Having a deep sense of appreciation and admiration for those who possess this skill, I was thrilled when I was connected with Kelsey, the artist behind Dusty Canvas.

Kelsey was first influenced by her grandmother, Jean, who was a professional water colourist and teacher.

“As a child we’d sit in her amazing studio and just paint for hours. She was my inspiration to become more than what I am creatively. That being said, I never truly thought or explored being able to sell work and try and do it for a living till this year. And to see that people actually love the things I do for sure gives me the drive to keep going!”

Kelsey had travelled a long, winding road before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. First dipping her toe into art history at the University of Lethbridge, followed by immersing herself in architecture at SAIT, Kelsey knew her life was meant to be spent producing visually stimulating pieces that invoke awe and emotion.

“I love creating for friends and family. I just truly enjoy being able to have someone tell me what they want, show me reference photos and then I take the wheel and create something. When I get to give it to them and BAM their face just lights up with happiness, that’s what it’s all about for me.”

In regard to her art, Kelsey is extremely passionate about exploration of materials and colour. Nature, and the colours that exist in nature inspires her when she is painting.

I had been searching for months for a specific style of painting for my bedroom. I had a vision, but everything I looked at just didn’t seem to fit. I had all but given up on my aesthetic dreams, when I came across Kelsey’s work on Instagram. I was blown away, and honestly, inspired. Her work has the kind of simple, classic beauty that I had been seeking. It was exactly what I had envisioned, but couldn’t seem to find. It added a richness to my décor without taking away from anything else; it was perfect.

If you are still wracking your brain, trying to identify the perfect, original, holiday (or any other kind of occasion!) gift for an important person in your life, I highly encourage you to contact Kelsey and talk to her about creating a custom piece, or selecting one from her stunning gallery of work.

Check out her work on Instagram @dusty.canvas or contact at dustycanvasyyc@gmail.com.


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