Winter is Coming/Already Here – 2017 Jacket Trends

Winter is Coming/Already Here – 2017 Jacket Trends

Call me a freak – but I LOVE the winter. It is far-and-above my favorite season.

Excuse to stay in and cuddle, watch movies and have snacks? Check.
Ability to drown in comfy sweaters, thereby camouflaging the extra pounds from above snacking? Check.
Opportunity to look chic AF by simply donning one singular piece of clothing? CHECK.

Outerwear is the lazy-fashionistas DREAM! What do I have on under my cream-coloured, gold-button-adorned white tweed trench? Is it the same T-shirt I slept in? Is it a cute blouse? Who knows,
and who cares? Throw on a cute coat and your look appears pulled together in seconds.

I’m literally foaming at the mouth right now over my excitement over outwear (if you couldn’t already tell), which is why I feel completely qualified, and completely impassioned enough, to write this guide to winter-wear.

2017 Winter Coat Must-Haves

1. RED – I sincerely hated red for the passed 10 or so years, until this season happened, red was the “it” colour, I saw it everywhere, and was instantly brainwashed into believing that it was the most fabulous thing I have feasted my eyes on in years. #Classic. I am dying over this red one from Zara – $169.

2. Puffer coats – Who else is freezing cold, non-stop, starting September 1? And Im not even talking about what happens when I step foot outside. I am perma-cold, so the more warmth, the better… which is why I have been LOVING the fact that puffer coats have been on trend. Cute and practical? That’s something I’ve never been called, so I’ll take all the help I can get. Currently waiting on this pink one from Guess to arrive on my doorstep!

3. Check print This is the one I am wearing in the photos. I cant get enough of checked prints lately, and am currently completed fixated on pairing them with patent leather boots or purses. *heart eyes* The best part? It is only $35!

4. Swing coats – I do not dispute that my style is as extreme as my personality – when I go for a look, I like to go for a look. I adore super-girly, ultra feminine style, so swing coats have long been a winter staple for me. The cut of the coat provides such a pretty silhouette! You can’t go wrong with this black one from ASOS. Tip – it also comes in pink, if you are feeling extra dainty.

5. Faux fur – Faux fur is, and will always be, my one true love. I try to never spend too much on such a statement piece, so I often look for them at H&M and Forever 21. This is the LAST thing I need, but I am obsessed!

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