To Buy Groceries, or Look Cute, That is Always the Question

To Buy Groceries, or Look Cute, That is Always the Question

Guys, you totally COULD pay your phone bill, go out for a nice dinner or get lit AF on a Friday for $100…. OR you could recreate this look!
Obviously I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I will tell you I didnt eat much this week (cut that grocery bill) so that I could get this pair of boots that I couldn’t crowbar into my apparel budget this month.

It’s all about priorities, ya’ll.

Get This Look for $100

Item #1: Mustard yellow dress – RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOURE OBSESSED WITH THIS COLOUR. (I am, obvi) This is an awesome work dress, but I love how you can dress it up too., $24.90

Item #2: Black stiletto ankle booties – Classic, basic, necessity. – $39.95

Item #3: Cape coat – I searched high and load for a cute cape, and hit the jackpot with this gold-button-adorned little number. –, $30

Item #4: Orang-y-red lip – Yes, you bet your ass this is part of the look. I LOVE an orang-y-red or brick red lip with that mustard colour. Do your look ustice and don’t cut corners, OKAY? (Just kidding <3) - This one is v. Khloe Kardashion and I LOVE it. Nyx, $9.

Anyways, due to my previous statement of not eating much this week, I’m actually kind of dumb right now and don’t have much more value to add to this blog post, SO I hope that, whatever you decide to do with your $100, you spend it in the best way for YOU. Treat yo’ self, girl.

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