My Favourite Holiday Dress Trends (At Every Budget!)

My Favourite Holiday Dress Trends (At Every Budget!)

Ahh, the holiday season. The time of year that is full of treats, time spent with loved ones, and shopping until you drop…. into debt (but the GOOD kind of debt, right?). It is also the time of year that is most saturated by opportunities to dress up… or in my case, overdress. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love a season where it is completely acceptable to wear sequins on a random Tuesday night?

This year, the holiday dress trends are so luxe and extra – I seriously can’t get enough of all the textures, embellishments and rich colours.

Below are my favourite six trends for fabulous party dresses, and you KNOW I got my little paws on one of each. Happy Season of Sequins!

Holiday Dress Trends for Every Budget

1. Feather embellishments – So if it were up to me (and I could find one) I would wear a dress base entirely of feathers. However, being aware that sometimes extra can just be a little too extra (and I’m trying to be able to make the masses stomach me), this beautiful white dress with feather detailing at the cuffs is the perfect happy medium. Seriously Shein, why do you get me every time? $31.

2. Cherry red –
The colour of the season… need I say more? This one is going to be perfect for camouflaging that little Christmas food baby I tend to grow around this time! This one broke budget a bit buttttt sometimes you gotta treat yo’self, ya know? Milly, $358.

3. Satin fit n’ flare – I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m a serious sucker for anything ultra girly, and this silhouette is just that. Eat one too many shortbread cookies? This style will be your best friend. Tested out for this one, and I’m in! Fits like a glove. $50.

4. Fringe/tassel details- I first dipped my toe in this trend with some tassel earrings, and now you’re telling me it’s cute to tack them onto your holiday dress? Don’t have to tell me twice! This little number is from Forever21’s recently-launched “exclusive” collection, which is apparently better quality, more high-fashion styles. I’m still on the fence about the collection as a whole, but I can’t deny that this dress is the bomb. com. $75.

5. Winter white – Who says you can’t wear white after Labour Day? Winter white has been one of my favourite trends this season, which doesn’t exactly bode well with my spilly self. Does that mean YOU can’t enjoy this fabulously flow-y (and thus, forgiving) white dress? Hell no. This is the one I’m wearing in these photos. (seriously my fave beyond faves these days), $21.

6. Velvet – Who remembers when Aritzia had all this velvet a few years ago that they ended up basically giving away, because they were so ahead of their time? This year it’s everywhere! I find velvet to be a little tricky to wear; it’s not exactly the most forgiving fabric. I tend to gravitate towards more drapey, less-form-fitting styles. This one from is GORGEOUS, and is on sale for only $50.

And lets be real – if all else fails, just throw on your fave snowman print onesie… works every damn time.

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