Online Site Review:

Online Site Review:

You know those websites that follow you around the Internet like a (less cute) lost puppy? Ya, that is how Zaful was brought to my awareness. The ads popped up every site I went to, snuck their way on to my Facebook, stalking me relentlessly until I obviously HAD to satisfy my curiosity and go to the website, load up my online cart with $400 worth of crap and then buy it all… because, #classic. One of my favourite items was the skirt, seen in the photos of this post. But what about the rest of my haul? Ill be real with you… You just have to scroll down!

Items to shop for: To be honest? Bathing suits. I recieved 4 from them and was blown away by the quality, at a super affordable price. I likely will continue to get all my suits from here!

Price point: This another site that is based in Asia (China, I believe) so it is another super affordable option.

Tip: Do NOT buy anything from here if you expect to receive it in a timely manner. I recently ordered some more swimsuits for a vacation earlier this month. I oplaced the order 5 weeks in advance, thing that would be enough time, and they STILL arent here – 7 weeks later. The first order I placed took 6 weeks as well, but was much larger, so I kind of expected that.

What I love: The swimsuits, cover-up and sunglasses were all super trendy, super cute, and awesome quality. Bathing suits can be SO expensive, and Im thrilled I finally found somewhere to shop as an alternative. I was also so pleased with my sunglasses! I would compare the quality of them to sunglasses from Zara – not incredible, but pretty good for the price-point.

On the fashion fence:  The rest of the clothes were of okayyyyy quality, but hey, you get what you pay for. I suggest first purchasing a smaller order, so you can gauge the quality of each item. For example, the skirts I received were fairly nice, however, the pants were awful. Tops were a mixed bag, with some being flimsy and tiny, while some of the sweaters were actually pretty awesome.

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