5 Ways to Revamp your Graphic T

5 Ways to Revamp your Graphic T

Sometimes, I really struggle to pay $2 for an avocado, or fork over $80 for an oil change. 100$ for a plain, white, graphic sweatshirt though? Completely reasonable.
I don’t know what it is about a graphic shirt. Is it the way their pertinently-timed, quirky sayings can represent my personality without having to utter a word (hello, “Kinda bad, kinda boujee sweatshirt of 2016)? Or is it the fact that I have option to both dress them down, or dress them up, maybe pair them with a pretty skirt, creating a the kind of fashion juxtaposition that an extremist of my caliber gets giddy over?

I’m not exactly sure where the basis of my obsession lies. I’m also not sure how many people are on the same page as me, BUT, I decided to run with this post anyways… because even if you think you hate it, who doesnt own at least ONE graphic T? Bring em’ out, bring em’ out…


1. With a fur vest and leather leggings.
TEXTURES, ya’ll. #IDie It’s been a minute since I shouted out my fave clothing article ever, of all time.

2. Long, duster coat and dress shorts. Who else is all up in the duster trend? Something about them makes every outfit feel automatically 100x more chic when you top your outfit off with one. Loving the print on this one!

3. Knotted at the waist with a high-waisted pencil skirt. This is one of my go-to looks in a pinch, and a super inexensive option. Grab one for $11, here.

4. Boyfriend jeans on top of fishnets and a black leather choker.
Cazh and cutie! These distressed bf jeans come with “fishnets” sewn right in!

5. Toque, moto jacket, leggings and combat boots.
WINTER OUTFIT LIFE HACK!! So easy, so comfy, no thinking required. These are THE BEST leggings of all time.

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