Online Store Review:

Online Store Review:

Not to toot my own horn, but this whole “online shopping website review” idea was really a shining moment for me. I pretty much made it a guilt-free way to buy things, all in the name of research. When you get down to it, I’m basically shopping for SCIENCE, ya’ll.

This whole outfit, (with the exception of the purse) is from Shein was brought to my attention by all the other fashion bloggers I follow, who all seemed in on the Shein secret. Their site is FULL of styles from all colours of the rainbow and beyond. Looking for something in particular? Shein has it, I can promise you that. You KNOW I’m always looking for different ways to wear black, so this  scalloped, off-the-shoulder top (only $10!) was a no-brainer. These wide-legged striped pants, while super thin, are light and very comfortable. Fun fact: Getting ready to shoot this look, I lost a shoe and had to wear a pair of heels NOT meant for this outfit. I suggest a pair of classic, pointy-toed black pumps to complete this look!


Items to shop for: Ultra-trendy, of-the-moment pieces.

Price point: Inexpensive AF.

Tip: Do a google search for coupon codes, and never buy without some kind of sale code – there are always opportunities for extra discounts here.

What I love: If I am ever looking for a specific, kind of out there, fashion-forward piece, Shein is where I will go. They always have some version of what I am looking for. Ultra-trendy pieces are something I don’t love spending extra money on, because who knows… next season I could look back and be like WTF what I thinking?! Shein offers trendy pieces at low-risk prices.

On the fashion fence: Shipping time can be long, and sometimes items are’t exactly what I expected. If I order 5 pieces, normally one of them I will cast-off as unwearable.  Also, sizing is TINY – I almost always get my items in Large, but also make sure to closely check the measurements.




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