5 Basics To Build Your Best Wardrobe

5 Basics To Build Your Best Wardrobe

I used to have this serious issue; actually, I have many serious issues, but this particular issue I happened to resolve, so I figured I’d save you guys the thousands of dollars I spent trying to figure it out through this weeks blog post <3.

I used to go shopping all the time, but with no plan. I’d just breeze into the mall, torpedo around for a few hours, and then waltz home, armed with items such as coated high-waisted jeans (I’ve always loved high-waisted pants, but happen to look like a potato in them), dresses that would only be appropriate at the Inaugural Ball (as much as I’d like to think I have a life where many balls are involved, I unfortunately do not), and one time, this cropped, fuzzy, tan bolero jacket that was way too expensive, and honestly, ugly AF (confession: its still hanging in one of my closets… I still hope one day I see in it what I saw in it that fateful day).

Half the things I would buy were A) Pieces that looked horrible on me but I just “liked” or B) Pieces that I had absolutely zero other items to pair them with.  So basically, without a plan, I would go into the mall and throw half my money in the air like confetti and then walk out the door. Sweet.

After following some fashion bloggers for some time though, I finally figured it out: they planned their purchases with military precision, and all seemed to have a solid base of basic items that were continuously woven through many of their looks.

In summary? Have a plan, and like anything in life, a good foundation (in this case, of fashion basics) is KEY. If you suffer from the same confusion I did, scroll down…. I’m filling you in on the five items I think every girl needs to build a bomb wardrobe. These are the kinds of things I guarantee that you wont regret buying… unlike that hot-pink-ombre-fading-to-light-pink fur vest I bought last year.

Neutral Bodysuits – I have about 50 black ones, a few whites, a few greys and a few tans. If you haven’t hopped on this trend, you NEED to! You can pair them with jeans, a pencil skirt, some wide-legged pants… literally anything. So many options – Forever 21, $10.80+

A Leather Bomber – I don’t have any other words except: investment piece. I love this one – ALLSAINTS, $520

Pointy-toed Black Pumps – You can literally wear them with anything – jeans, joggers, pencil skirts, full skirts, leggings… the list is infinite. I’ve worn these babies out 4x. – Steve Madden, $120

Leather Leggings – I’m wearing leather shorts in this look but the idea is still the same; adding edge to an otherwise plain striped top. You know these are my fave – Aritzia, $135

A Chic Hat – Think you cant pull off a hat? Think again and try it. I swear, once you try one and see how easily they add interest to any ol’ outfit (and hide day 5 hair) you will be hooked. This is the dream hat – Rag & Bone – $255


  1. September 25, 2017 / 2:42 am

    Such a good point! I’ve done the same thing so often with thrift stores. Malls, on the other hand, concern me with the whole sustainability issues that I VERY rarely go there. The last garment I bought brand new was back in March or May and I needed a bodysuit in a pinch to go under a cosplay and I tried on every one I could find in there. (the character literally wears a thong bodysuit under her dress, Google 2B nier automata, she’s seriously cool and one bad bitch).

    Oh! I don’t understand the pointy toe. Why do people want their feet to look bigger? Not to mention my doctor would have my head if I wore pointed toed heels.l with how bad they are for feet. I have struggled to understand this for ages and still don’t like how my feet look when I try pointy shoes on. It’s supposed to look elegant and classy but I always feel like a witch. 😖😖😖 is it because I wear size 8.5-9 us?

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