Not Your Mama’s Leather Jacket

Not Your Mama’s Leather Jacket

How crazy is it that we’re halfway through summer? I’m already getting itchy palms just thinking about the fall fashion. One staple all year round in Calgary is a leather bomber jacket, SO it obviously makes perfect sense to acquire 10 of them, from all different walks-of-fashion-life. The thing is, you certainly don’t need to break the bank for a super-trendy piece, with websites like Tobi, ASOS and Forever 21 offering cute options for as little as $24. Oh and speaking of fall fashion: if you havent already, make sure to hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, STAT. It is amazing, and end August 6th. Sidenote: the Nordstrom marketing people must be laughing their butts off to the bank watching everyone stock up on jackets, wool sweaters and boots, dead in the middle of summer.

Anyways, scroll down for my five fave leather jacket styles, along with a few examples of how I wear them.

  1. Embroidered: One of the most popular trends over the last few seasons is embroidery, so why would it NOT look so cute on a leather jacket? ASOS – $120 – CLICK HERE
  2. Coloured: Pink, blue, silver, tan…. the choices are endless and those are just a few that I’ve added to my wardrobe. While black and brown will always be chic, I love the assortment of colours we can get out hands on lately. My only advice? If you are going to add a powder blue leather bomber to your closet don;t break the bank. Faux-leather options are available for trés inexpensive. I got the pink one I’m wearing below from, Forever 21 for just $34. This gold, quilted one is on sale for $30 and is so extra, I can’t not.  CLICK HERE
  3. Hardware: My absolute favourite way to top off an otherwise basic outfit. Metal hardware makes me feel like the bad-ass Im 100% not  (I love a good rule, ya’ll), and any opportunity I can get to play dress-up, you knowwww I’m there. I picked up an excessively studded jacket during the Zara sale last month similar to this one from Topshop: CLICK HERE.
  4. Suede: The perfect suede jacket is on my wishlist for fall, specifically this $247 BLANKNYC one: CLICK HERE
  5. Textured Accents: Fur, denim, quilted leather… I will take one of each please.  Fur for a luxe vibe, denim for a chill, casual look and quilted because… well because quilted leather is lit. Currently on route to my house (Thanks Nordstrom Anniversary sale) is this gorgeous option with a  shearling collar. Michael Kors, $320 –  CLICK HERE

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