So You Want To…

So You Want To…

Following a frustrating bout of writers block over the last few weeks, I decided I needed to go outside my normal creative process and ask those around me for help. What did they want to hear from me? What topics did they find interesting? The number of wonderful, inspiring responses I received was overwhelming, and lets just say that I will have no shortage of blog topics over the next few months, so thank you to everyone who contributed – you are incredible, and I so appreciated it.

The one thing regarding writing a post on how to start a blog, and why I started mine is, that you actually have to think about it. Imagine that. So, I’ve been thinking: what really gave me the push to finally do it?

Life was just kind of puttering along for me. I had secured my first post-secondary big-girl job, bought my condo, broken up with my fiance… all big “life” milestones. But, although I was kind of “on track”, I felt like my life was just a bomb of confusion. My head my constantly swirling with thoughts, worries and fears. I knew I needed a release, or I was going to go even crazier than I already was. Writing, for me, has always been that release. At this time, I was also struggling a bit with the fauxness, if you will, of Instagram. Everyone posting their highlight reel, with the landscape dry of drops of realness, (myself absolutely included) was getting to me. So, since I  wasn’t ready to start posting pictures of the inside of my nasty-ass car, or pictures of me from my worst angles, I picked the blog to be the yin to my Instagram yang. While Instagram would live as my highlight reel, my blog would show the real Morgan – insecurities, flaws, and all.

It feels good to let it all out here… therapeutic, really. But, I suppose following a dream is a bit like a form of therapy… which is why I really suggest you give it a try. Need some help? I listed my biggest hold-backs, and how I overcame them, below. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Step 1: Figure out your USP – unique selling proposition. I dont necessarily mean selling in the monetary sense, but how you sell yourself, and your blog, to others. Everyone is different, and each of us has something unique and valuable to share with the world. Some people are funny, some people are extremely well-versed or knowledgeable about a certain subject and others have a sense of style unlike any other. When I first started tossing around the idea of LifestyleButter, it truly took me some time to figure mine out. What I landed on? I am different because I am unafraid. When I am writing, I am fearless. Hiding behind the keyboard, telling the world my deepest, darkest secrets and fears about my life doesn’t seem all that terrifying. Over the last few years, I have finally grasped the fact that no one really has it all figured out – and if they tell you they do, they are probably lying, scared, or both. So if no one really even knows what the F is going on, if most are just wandering around just as lost and confused as I, silently mouthing “What in the actual fuck” a million times a day, what the heck do I have to be scared of? I might as well share my “What the F’s” with others, and perhaps find some guidance through others… and if not guidance, I can at least count on support. Oh and also – Im actually kind of funny (in an obnoxious, embarrassing kind of way). So, I figured out my USP and use it in every post of LifestyleButter… what is yours?

Step 2: Let go of the fear of what others may think. That is, without question, the number one reason women tell me is what is keeping them from starting their own blog. Y THO?! It doesn’t matter what you choose to do in life, there will always be trolls in the shadows, waiting to pounce and tear you down. So should you live in fear? Absolutely not! Be fearless in your quest for self-fulfillment. If you want to start a blog, just do it! I know there are people who might see my posts, laugh at them, at me, scoff at my words, maybe even screen shot to their girl group text to really rip it apart. But… I don’t know about it, and I choose to not think about it. It is so much more rewarding to focus on all the positive that comes out of each of my blogs… and there is so much! The level of gratification I get each time I post one of these silly little blogs is immeasurable. And isn’t it how you, yourself, feels that is really important?

Step 3: Take the first step. That first hesitant, tentative toe you dip into your dream is always the hardest. Whether it is getting into school, applying for your dream job, WHATEVER… making the first move always seems the most insurmountable. But it isn’t insurmountable, as people do whatever it is you’re trying to do, every single day. Once you make the leap, and you’re in it, the next steps seem less and less scary. With the blog, the “hard” step for me was getting the website set up. So, I took it day by day, starting with choosing my domain name, and then purchasing the site for the year. It actually was much easier than I had built it up to be in my head. Once I had the domain, I installed and theme, and BOOM – blog central.

Whether you want to start a blog, start a business, or simply just start chasing your dreams, the above steps are applicable. Shift those feelings of fear into focus, channel your passion  into action and just fucking do it. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

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