Transitional Trends

Transitional Trends

“I have NOTHING to wear!”

Girllll, I hear that. How many times a week do you bemoan this thought to yourself? I get it 100%, and as the Calgary Stampede approached this year, I found my “new clothes” budget was meager, to say the least. I wasn’t about to steal some of that precious fund for Western-style clothing that I could only use once a year, so I decided to invest my time into sorting through my closet and see what I could make work. Surprisingly, (or not, if you’ve visited my closets), I was able to pull together eight stampede looks, no purchases required.

Transitional Piece #1: Plaid shirt – I normally use this top to tie around my waist, which I did for one Stampede look, but I also paired it with a pretty tulle skirt for a juxtaposed girly/Western vibe. A plaid shirt is SO versatile, I highly recommend picking one up. CLICK HERE for one that’s under $20.

Transitional Piece #2: Tulle skirt: I have accumulated a few of these, and although I know they aren’t for the faint of heart, my tulle skirts are absolutely some of my favourite pieces. You can pair them with a t-shirt, a more formal blouse, or a long-sleeve button up, with completely different vibes being accomplished by each. CLICK HERE.

Transitional Piece #3 – One of my favourite things about fashion is textures and I love incorporating different ones in my wardrobe whenever possible. These denim, single strap pumps I typically wear with a more dressed up look, but the denim material transitioned perfectly to this “Stampede Princess look. CLICK HERE – under $35!

Transitional Piece #4: Sterling silver lariat necklace. This piece, by a local Calgary designer Peaks and Prairies, has been my go to necklace this summer. I am obsessed, you guys, and I highly recommend checking out her work. Also, keep an eye out for this bull pendant necklace in upcoming looks: it’s will be in many! CLICK HERE to check out Peaks and Prairies.

Transitional Piece #5: Flow-y summer dress. You bet your butt I wore this look closer to the end of Stampede, when I was feeling a little less than in fighting form. The dress has such a classic, romantic vibe, I’ve worn it to dinner, a wedding, and just while at home chilling. Pair it with a pair of Western-style boots though, and VOILA – Stampede Look #7. ON SALE HERE for just $25.

The moral of this story? Before you jump the gun and go buy something, take a peek and see what’s hanging in your closet. Often, there are pieces there that can be incorporated into the look you are trying to achieve, so you won’t need to go out and purchase a whole new outfit for an event. Although the pieces I listed here might not be an everyday item for you, I would put my fashion fund money on the fact that 90% of the time, you actually DO have something to wear. 

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