JORD Watch Contest

JORD Watch Contest


Does anyone else feel that adding a watch to your look is extremely easy during the winter months, but much more challenging during the summer season? I always have a harder time incorporating the metals and leather into my summer looks, so when I discovered wood watches, I was thrilled, and even happier when I found Jord wood watches. There is something inherently boho about the texture of wood, which makes it, in my opinion, much easier to pair with a floaty summer dress, or ruffly top and jean shorts.

I love that my watch is dainty, as opposed to clunky. It is super girly, and feminine, and the champagne-coloured face only adds to the luxe vibe. I feel as though I can wear it with anything, and it works, which is nice – the less thought that has to go into my outfit, the better.

So, once I received my Jord wood watch, we decided to do a little giveaway, so I could share my obsession with this versatile accessory!

Every single person who enters the contest link below will immediately get money off their purchase and entered to win $100 off their purchase.

CLICK HERE to receive $25 off your Jord watch purchase right away, and entered to win $100 off your purchase. We will be completing the draw on July 27th, so get your name in quick!

If you have any questions at all regarding the contest, hit me up, I would be glad to answer. Just don’t miss out – contest closes soon!

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