The Princess and the Plaid – Stampede Staples

The Princess and the Plaid – Stampede Staples

Ahhh the Calgary Stampede. The ten days a year where it is (somewhat) socially acceptable to show up to work plagued by the lingering scent of Fireball, hair un-brushed, wearing the same cut-off, much-too-short jean shorts and plaid shirt you wore out the night before. The ten days a year where you happily two-step your way around the city, from event to event, pay upwards of $50 to get in a tent that reeks of vomit and bad decisions and wake up with your cowboys boots still on your feet.

The city of Calgary truly is buzzing for these ten days, and the energy is contagious. I love that, if we choose, we can play the character of a completely different person. I’ve been on a horse a total of zero times in my life, but I charge straight for the mechanical bull as though I am a seasoned riding vet. My style does a complete overhaul, and I get to combine super-glam with a Western vibe. The outfits can be as chill or as ostentatious as you so choose – but plaid is a staple, at least a few times throughout the week. Other staples? See below for my list of Stampede outfit staples.

Cut-off shorts or a jean skirt. I wouldn’t typically wear a denim skirt any other time, but knew I wanted one for this Stampede season… which meant I was on the hunt for an inexpensive option. I found this one on the Forever 21 website for just $25 – perfect! CLICK HERE

COWBOY BOOTS Y’ALL. Again, I wear my boots for 10 days and then stuff them in the back of my closet until next year. I splurged on these metallic ones a few years ago, and though they have seen better days, I still love them. I’ve been pondering THESE for next year. What do you guys think?

PLAID/GINGHAM! I dont lovvvvve gingam or plaid as a full top – too damn hot, and a bit too “cowgirl” for me. But I do love incorporating it as an accent – whether it’s as a scarf, around my waist, or as a skirt, plaid will make it into my outfit in some form. I picked up THIS cute skirt from the Zara sale last week for just $19.99, and will wear it to the Grandstand Show this weekend. If you have a Zara near you, a strongly suggest you check it out for your Stampede needs… so much cute stuff, and everything is on sale right now!

A hat – even if it’s not exactly cowboy-style. This has been my favourite hat for about a year, so I obviously tried to incorporate it into my Stampede looks. Bonus: hide your undone hair. Get a similar one HERE.


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