Mindless Fashion – Summer Edition

Mindless Fashion – Summer Edition

For the most part, I like my outfit choices, and outfit planning, to be quick and easy. There is NOTHING worse than trying on 50 different outfits before inevitably deciding to go with out option numero uno (as it always happens). What a waste of time and energy, having to hang up all the ensemble attempts (and if you’re me, having to wash them, prior to re-hanging, as you’ve stomped all over them after you threw them on the floor, instead of hanging them back up right away.)

I’ve linked a few “mindless” pieces below, but any similar styles will do the job!

Block-heeled sandal – For when you want to be dressier than a flat, but not as over-dressed as a stiletto.

Confession – I hate flip flops. Despise, actually. BUT I do recognize that they serve a purpose. They are comfy and easy. Do you know what else is comfy and easy (and not as hideous)?  Block heels. Even a small heel gives a look a little more polish, without the risk of overdressing. The ones I linked below I am OBSESSED with – and they are on sale right now for 50% off!

CLICK HERE – Aldo.com, $49.95

Hat – For when you have no time to do you hair.

Don’t think you’re a hat person? I never thought I was either. Until, one day, I tried one… haven’t looked back since. Try it… you can thank me later 🙂

CLICK HERE – Chapel Hats, $39.99

Distressed, graphic/baggy T-shirt – For when you’ve been munching on too many hotdogs and wine, and need something a little more forgiving.

The amount of graphic t-shirts I own is ridiculous. Like a floral skirt, you can dress it up or down easily, and it adds a little edge to even the most basics of looks.

CLICK HERE – Missguided, $10-$40

Floral skirt – For when you’re not sure exactly what the dress code is.

A floral print skirt can be worn to brunch, a soccer game, or the dog park, without feeling out of place. Dress it up with a silk top or down with a t-shirt, the opportunities are endless!

CLICK HERE – Tobi.com, $34

Chain strap crossbody bag – For everyday, anytime, anywhere.

I just love a chain strap crossbody. The hardware makes even the cheapest little bag (like mine here) look a little bit more luxe.

CLICK HERE – Forever 21, $15


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