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Yesterday, I stumbled upon some information that really made me sad. My best friend Megan shared a post about a suspected puppy mill “breeder” operating out of SW Calgary… the same breeder I got my dog, Delilah from, almost exactly a year ago. The Facebook post that was brought to my attention was made by a woman who had purchased a puppy from the same breeder as I had gotten Delilah from. This woman’s puppy was extremely sick and needed expensive surgery. The post had been shared many, many times, and the comment section was FULL of people who were describing similar stories in their dealings with that breeder. Many were still dealing with the fallout from the health issues from their puppy.

I wanted to share the story with you because I learned a lesson from it – just trust your freakin’ gut.

When I was looking for a puppy last year, I knew I wanted a french bull dog.  My neighbours below me had two, and their goofy personalities, cute little faces and adorable temperament turned the most non-dog-loving person (me) into an obsessed Frenchie-lover within days.

I found my breeder through an online search, and made an appointment to go see the puppies. When I arrived at her address, I was surprised to find out that it was a high-rise apartment building! Despite being slightly weary, I went in, and fell immediately in love with a playful black brindle puppy.

I knew I was supposed to ask to see her parents and ask to see her papers. I was aware that French bulldog’s were predisposed to have medical conditions, so finding an reputable breeder was especially imperative. But, in my gut I knew that if I asked, I was likely not going to get the answers that I needed. I asked the breeder where the puppies parents were, to which she replied, “Oh, they live on a farm outside the city with my parents. We have about ten and each pair only have one litter per year, so we don’t over-breed them.”

And that was it. Undeterred by the nagging voice in my head telling me that something wasn’t right here, I purchased her then and there.

After having Delilah for about a month, I noticed the episodes of severe coughing (it almost sounded like hacking) she had had since we picked her up seemed to be getting quite a bit more severe, so I brought her into the vet. The vet did x-rays. and a full examination, but couldn’t pinpoint the problem, although she did agree that Delilah wasn’t well. She gave me antibiotics to give to Delilah for 20 days, and sent me on my way.

Delilahs “cough” eventually went away and she seems like a healthy puppy these days, thank goodness, However, with the post Megan shared on Facebook (which has since been taken down) came all the stories of people who had dealt with this same breeder, many of which had similar stories, marked with much less happier endings.

I am posting this for two reasons:

  • If you can, adopt. I chose to not because I wanted a French bulldog so bad, but the fact that I paid so much money to someone who is likely sourcing her puppies from deplorable conditions truly makes me sick, and feel so guilty. 
  • Trust your intuition and do your research. I should have dug into this woman a little deeper and then reported it upon finding out that this wasn’t an reputable breeder. Would I have still gotten Delilah? Probably. But it could have saved the 6 litters she has since had listed online, as well as stopped her from continuing her scam. 

Whether or not the future holds health problems for Dels, I am so so lucky she came into my life, and know we were meant to find each other. If you want more information on who this breeder is (she has been reported) feel free to contact me.

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