looking back on the weekend like…

looking back on the weekend like…

Guess what?

Weekend 1 drink-free went down this weekend, and I am strutting (yes, strutting!)| into this week feeling ready AF. I was in bed by 10 or 11 both nights, I got four workouts in, in three days, I cleaned my house, I worked my second job, I spent QT with my poor little hurt puppy (she cut her paw!), I blogged, I hung out with my bestie, I had brunch with my other bestie.. SO MUCH STUFF WAS DONE. All of which, would have not been possible had I woken up Saturday or Sunday morning, nursing my usual hangover.

Anyways, enough about me and my sober quest. Let’s talk about this look, shall we? Built upon the almighty Daria leather legging, from Aritzia. I’m talking about this complete and utter STAPLE in celebration of the Aritzia sale starting tomorrow… and am here to convince you guys that You. Need. This. Item.

Leather leggings: Aritzia, $135. Get them HERE. Don’t ask any questions. I swear you will not regret this.

White boyfriend button-up: Aritzia, $85. Click HERE… but remember, everything in Aritzia is going on sale this week.

Sliced gemstone necklace: CoutuKitsch, $55. This links to not the exact necklace, but similar. CoutuKitsch is a Calgary jewelry designer with STUNNING pieces. I can’t wait to keep building my collection with her gorgeous pieces. CLICK HERE to check her out!

Marble stud earrings: CoutuKitsch, $25. CLICK HERE. Gadddd damnnnnn her stuff is good!

Marble, mirrored sunglasses: Forever 21, $14.80 CLICK HERE.

Denim, single strap stilettos: Lulus.com, $45 CLICK HERE.

I happen have these leggings in black, dark brown, camel, and dark grey. And they are truly the lazy fashionistas dream. You guys, they are LEGGINGS that look CUTE. You throw these babies on with a sweater and a necklace and BOOM. Instant casual chic.

Anything that I can throw on that easily in the morning, without being fully awake or aware, is invaluable to me.

P.S. I am not a rep for Aritizia, Wifred Free, or the Daria pant. I am just that obsessed. 🙂


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