How to Conquer Impulse Buying (and my favourite online shops!)

How to Conquer Impulse Buying (and my favourite online shops!)

Confession: every time I’ve been to the mall in the last year, I have left with at least one article of clothing that I have yet to wear.

My problem? Impulse buying! It always happens so fast: I’ll see something gorgeous in one of my favourite stores, daydream about how cute it will look on, and BOOM – I’m the proud new owner of a pair pinstripes joggers. Why is this an issue, you ask? Because, my unrelenting lust for fashion leads me to do things I wouldn’t normally do – like pinstripe joggers. Do they fit in with my style? Not really. Do I have a single thing to wear them with? Nope. So, the poor little joggers just hang sadly in my closet, constantly being pushed aside for something that has corresponding pieces.

Which is why I typically do most of my shopping online. Firstly, there is something so satisfying about putting something in your digital bag. Secondly, you have all the pieces laid right out in front of you, and you are able to ponder gluttonously for as long as you want – no salesperson staring expectantly at you, waiting for you to just panic and pay.

In the mall, there are so many distractions – accessories, winking at you from the displays, long, flowing skirts, beckoning you to come in and try them on, knowing full-well that if you try them, you will buy them (or at least I will).

So, as a result, over the last few years I have become something of an online shopping connoisseur, which is why I feel completely qualified to curate this list. Keep reading to find out my favourite online shopping websites AND some tips and trick when it comes to navigating them.

This site is the holy grail – it has led me to all of the below sites. It is pretty much the Google of shopping.! Type in whatever piece you are looking for, ie/ “distressed denim midi skirt”, and Shop Style will come up with pages of options, pulling from all different sites, at all different prices. On a budget? You can sort the results by price, so that the $4,000 Gucci boots are all the way on page ten  – temptation need not apply

Shop Style led me to the Lucite shoes you see below (for just $60!), and the site has so many trendy items, I need to monitor my views  (or I would go bankrupt.) Bonus: The have 50% of sales site-wide, every two or three weeks. So curate that shopping bag to perfection, wait until you see the sale – then pull the trigger.

Another site with great sales (50% off site-wide every few weeks, along with a different, smaller sales most other days), Tobi is kind of like the less-expensive Aritzia. My lace romper is from here, and I found it after eyeing one at The Bay that was 3x the price. My tip? Make sure you check the fabric blends, as some of the items here are amazing quality, others are crap. Beware the polyester!

This is an online luxury consignment store. Need I say more? No part of my outfit is from here, but it is so worth checking out.

Both these stores overwhelm the crap out of me in real life. Forever 21 because it’s so huge, scary and disorganized, I always panic and abandon everything, and Aritzia, because I can go in there and drop $500 in the blink of an eye, so I always panic and abandon everything.  Shopping at both stores online allows me to do so in a calm, organized manner, and ensure no unnecessary purchases are made. Plus, if I panic and decide to abandon ship, I don’t scare the poor sales people when I throw the clothes in the air out of nowhere and bolt.

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