waking up your work style.

waking up your work style.
One of my goals this year was to get my sh!t together for work. Not my actual job itself – that’s going great. My work style, on the other hand? Not so much. I LOVE the possibilities work-appropriate looks present, but somehow, when 6 am comes, I can’t find it in myself to pull on the chic black leather pencil skirt and silk tank I had picked out the night before. Instead, I find myself reaching for ol’ faithful – leather leggings and some kind of slouchy, comfy sweater type top.



SO, I decided I needed to figure out a different way of doing things.. Equip myself with slouchy-sweater-fighting knowledge, and kick my leather-legging habit to the curb, just in time for summer’s pretty styles. SCROLL DOWN to find out my….

Top 5 Ways to Win the Work Style Game 

#1. Check the weather on Sunday night, and periodically throughout the week. This way, you  know what you in for. No excuse to abandon that pump due to rain when you know the rain is coming and planned on not wearing said pump and wearing a cute boot instead.

#2. Plan ahead, but not too far ahead. I like to plan the night  before, and base it on how I think I’m feeling. If I’m feeling  a little bloated, I might pick something that has a little more room and is a little less-formfitting. Ill rock that pencil skirt the following day, when I feel a little more on-point. There is truly nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at work, so I do my best so avoid that at all costs. 

#3. Cut yourself some slack! If you workplace permits it, allow yourself a little more casual look one or two days a week. Casual doesn’t have to mean sloppy! There are some fabulous outfits that can be made up of a cute pair of joggers (you know how I feel about joggers!) or a fantastic flat shoe.

#4. Get everything packed and ready to go for the morning. Your lunch, gym bag, work necessities, whatever you may need, get it all set so it’s ready to just be picked up on your way out. This allows you a little more time to get your outfit on and adjust if needed. If I’m feeling reaaalllly ambitious, Ill even do my hair the night before. That way, the only thing I have to worry about in the morning is getting my makeup on and pulling on my clothes. Two obstacles at 6 am seems much more manageable than 4 or 5.  No more outfit sacrificing|!

#5. When you wake up, drink two big glasses of freezing cold water. I do this when I get up extra early to go to the gym before work, and the cold water really helps to snap me out of grogginess and into reality. Try it!

THAT’S IT! Being a little more mindful and organized is something I am striving for on the daily. They say it takes three months to turn an action into a habit, so I will let you guys know if I manage to keep it up. 🙂
Lastly, if you have any questions regarding this look, shoot me an email and I will let you know where the pieces are from. Happy Thursday!

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