homeless chic.

homeless chic.

Happy Monday guys! So sorry for the delay and the lack of posting. As you may know, my friend Maria and I are hosting a fundraiser (more info found here) on Friday, so any free time I had last week was spent rushing to tie up loose ends and organize everything.

I call this “homeless chic”, because really, a solid amount of effort still goes into a look that ends up pretty casual. I am a woman of extremes- I am typically either full glam or super comfy (which makes work hard, as neither of those options are workplace appropriate haha).

This fashion formula is a tried and true one for me: graphic tee/sweater + leggings or comfy pant + boot + leather/bomber jacket + toque = casual yet still cute.

Sunglasses: Quay, $65. Tons of similar styles available HERE. 🙂

Sweater: 27 Boutique, $68. Sold out, but check out 27 Boutique and similar products HERE. 🙂

Jacket: Tobi.com ON SALE for just $65 (from $165) HERE. 🙂

Pants: TopShop, $90. I got these years ago, and couldn’t really find anything comparable. If you really are into them, I suggest going to ShopStyle.com and searching “tartan pant”. ShopStyle is my fave website for when I’m looking for a particular piece, but haven’t seen it while out shopping. Searching for whatever you need brings up a ton of brands and options, along with a huge range in price.

Boots: Aldo, ON SALE, $91 (from $130) HERE. 🙂

Toque: Aritzia, ON SALE, $9.99 (from $25) HERE. 🙂

Those pants are ALMOST tights – they are a spandex blend fabric, so super comfy. Love!

Graphic tops are my fave these days – such a delightfully passive way of expressing yourself!

Although Canadian winters are long, I do nottttt hate the length of time it is appropriate to hide my undone hair under some kind of toque.

I have a slight black boot obsession. I probably have one too many, but they are just the best kind of staple!

If you ever want to know more (lipstick colour, how I got started blogging, anything!) feel free to email me: morgan.bell@live.ca OR DM me on Instagram! @morganbelllle.

ALSO, as always, my photos are done by Pretty Light Photography. She is the BEST. Get at me for her info!


Have a fabulous week! Watch out for a new writing piece, inspired by a my witnessing a 50 year-old man losing his shit at a teenage Tim Horton’s clerk for being out of Earl Grey tea last weekend. I will be finishing it up tonight, and posting Wednesday.


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