faux fur friday.

faux fur friday.

Happy Friday guys!!

This faux fur jacket has really paid it’s dues this winter. I’ve worn it to staff parties, concerts, out for dinner and out for coffee. I used to be a bit self-conscious wearing pieces like this – you get some looks for being a little “extra”.

But, one thing I have figured out is that as you get older, you care a little less. You want to stare because I’m wearing a gigantic grey and black fur coat with ripped jeans and morning-after hair (morning after partying, get your minds right) while I stuff a breakfast sandwich in my face and mainline coffee right into my veins?

Be my guest. Take a picture even! Just make sure you tag me in it (insert hair flip emoji here).

Photo cred: As always, Pretty Light Photography. Love you boo!

CHOKER: Is by a local Calgary designer @MadeByJemily. Love love LOVE her work, and super affordable too. This piece was only $25.


LEATHER LEGGINGS: These are a staple above all staples in my wardrobe. I have them in tan, expression, a kind of lighter tawny and tan. They are perfection. Worth every penny of their $135 price tag. TIP: Buy small!! They stretch a ton, so buy the size that you can barely move in at first. I promise you wont regret it!

THIS JACKET: Was only $50 from Forever 21. I was stalking a similar one on ShopStyle.com for months that was about $300, so when I saw this, I jumped. I personally don’t love spending a lot of money on statement, trendy pieces, preferring to splurge on staples.


SHOES: Aldo, almost always Aldo! I loved the crisscross detail. PS: See what I mean about the leggings? I got these on a “fat” day and didnt buy the smaller size!! Now they are baggy AF and I will need to replace soon. *Tear*


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