my bae’s birthday wish.

my bae’s birthday wish.

So as I am seemingly in the middle of a quarter life crisis, I don’t feel as though I know very many things with absolute certainty.

One thing I do know, however, with every single grain of my being, is that kindness is contagious. When a person treats you with courtesy and decency, the warmth of their behavior seeps from their soul, into your own. And like falling dominos, that effect carries on. You see someone demonstrate an act of kindness, as simple as holding a door for an old lady, and I believe whole-heartedly, you will be double checking behind you, the next doors you walk out of.

When I met my friend Maria four years ago, I knew she was… not normal. She is the loudest, most direct, most intense, most caring, heart-warming, supportive, powerful, excessive, bat-shit crazy, nutty-as-a-fruitcake (I could go on and on, no shortage of adjectives, but I DO respect your time and attention span) person and friend.

And her kindness is contagious AF. 

Her birthday wish this year, (and every year) is as always, as selfless as the woman we are celebrating.

On Friday, March 24th Maria and I are fete-ing her 28th birthday by hosting a fund-rager  at 80th and Ivy Modern Kitchen, benefiting the Calgary Eating Disorder Program.

Tickets are just $10 and include a drink, as well as appetizers, and all of those proceeds will be going to the program. Additionally, we are hosting a silent auction featuring a tonne of local Calgary talent and businesses (if I dont buy all the donated items myself prior to the party, haha). There will be a DJ, dancing, and a perfect excuse to get dressed up and come party with us!

If you can’t make the event but still want to take part, we have set up a GoFundMe account, where you can donate money, all of which will be going to the program. Here is the link to donate:


As always, we are goaldiggers and we have a huge goal for this event: make as much money as possible for the Calgary Eating Disorder Program.

If you want to join our list of amazing sponsors, please email myself, or Maria, to discuss options. We are already so thrilled with the overwhelming amount of support and donations we have received.

Finally, we cannot thank George and Vessy at Group 933 Hospitality enough, for being the best sponsors and partners we could have hoped for, and making this event happen.

March 24 can’t come soon enough! 


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